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with Professor Bernd Goetzke 

2023 August 11 to 13 in the Vorwerk Gut Oppershausen

The course is aimed at young music students who are on the way to developing an independent artistic personality and who want to convey their own personal ideas to the audience. In the final concert, they will introduce themselves and their music to the audience in the Vorwerk - with the chance to win the audience award at the Celle Summer Concerts. The selection oft he three participants is made by Professor Bernd Goetzke, they will be announced in July 

Unsere Konzerte 

Period of time

August 10 (arrival) to August 14 (departure) 


Vorwerk Gut Oppershausen 

Dorfstraße 38

29342 Wienhausen


Number of participants

A maximum of three participants will be admitted  


Professor Bernd Goetzke, University for Music, Drama and Media Hannover


Every participant receives three times 80 minutes lessons, in total four hours 


Host families with practice possibility 


If possible with the host families, depending on the pandemic situation 

Course fee

500,00 €


Related to  the theme of the Celler Sommerkonzerte 2022, ON A JOURNEY, a work showing the applicants thoughts concerning this topic would be desirable.

In general, the choice is free. 


In the final concert on August 13, 2023 in the Vorwerk Gut Oppershausen, each participant has 20-25 minutes performance time. The program is put together after consultation with Professor Goetzke. A short, introductory, personal moderation on the program (two to three minutes maximum) is welcomed - the audience really appreciate this!


It is planned to record the concert. The recording is then freely available to the participants.

We kindly ask for applications with


- CV (Curriculum Vitae, in pdf) 

- Repertoire list for the lessons (pdf) 

- Program suggestions fort he final concert (pdf) 

- one or two links (maximum) to performance videos on a platform like Youtube, Vimeo etc. The total playing time should not exceed 30 minutes with a minimum of representig two different periods 


Please send your material until June 18th latestly to: jungeunseverinekim(at)

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